European Helicopter Show is kindly supported by the following sponsors:

PPF banka

Banking & Financial Services

PPF banka was founded in 1992 as Royal Banka CS, a.s. Since 2003 the bank has been fully integrated into PPF Group, and in 2004 it adopted a new name, PPF banka a.s. Over the years PPF banka has established a reputation among its clients as a reliable partner in the world of finance. Together with its strategic role in PPF Group, that reputation has allowed the bank to achieve above-average financial results.

European GNSS Agency

EU Regulatory Authority

The European GNSS Agency (GSA) manages public interests related to European GNSS programmes. The Agency’s strategic objectives include the achievement of a fully operational GALILEO system, creating the world’s leading satellite navigation system for civilian applications. By doing ESA aim to lay the foundations for Europe’s new high-tech industry development, job creation & economic growth.


Satellite Navigation

The European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service (EGNOS), is Europe’s first venture into satellite navigation, improving the open public service offered by the USA’s Global Positioning System (GPS).EGNOS makes GPS suitable for safety critical applications such as flying aircraft or navigating ships through narrow channels.


EU Regulatory Authority

Galileo is the European Global satellite-based navigation system. It was conceived and developed and will always remain under civilian control and is creating a range of new business opportunities for equipment manufacturers, application developers and providers of ‘reliability-critical’ services.


Property Construction & Management

ECE has over 40 years experience in the planning, development, construction and management of commercial office, retail and transport property, completing more than 14.5 billion Euro of project work. Today ECE is active in more than 17 countries and continues to be the European market leader.

DSA a.s.

Event Partner

DSA Inc. had been in the aviation business since 1992 providing medical air services from repatriation flights to air rescue service. They also run the biggest air school in the Czech Republic, providing training for professional pilots up to Air Transport Pilots qualification and operate a fleet of aircraft for air transportation, air-taxi and aerial works. DSA uses its own maintenance center for all the maintenance work and also provides the maintenance for all other air operators in Czech Republic and EU.

Letectví a kosmonautika

Aviation Publication

Letectví a kosmonautika is the longest-running professional aviation magazine in the Czech Republic and read as far afield as Canada and New Zealand.

Air Navigation Services

Event Sponsor

The State Company Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic has succeeded in proving its position of a strong and steadfast company, which is capable of fulfilling its fundamental mission – to secure a safe environment for air traffic, and at the same time is capable of reacting flexibly to the dynamics of civil aviation development, under the ever changing conditions of air transport.

Hradec Kralove Region

Event Sponsor

The Hradec Kralove region was in a recent and unique comparative research chosen as the best “Place for Life 2012″. The region offers a good living environment, good transport infrastructure, high standard of medical and social facilities and quality education. The Hradec Kralove Region is located in the northeastern part of the Czech republic. The region borders for more than one-third with Poland. Together with the neighbouring regions of Liberec and Pardubice it forms the Northeast area, which is one of the three biggest areas in the country considering both area and population. The Hradec Kralove region is agro-industrial with a well-developed tourism sector. The main Industry is concentrated in the bigger cities and intensive agriculture is located in the Elbe area. From a touristic point of view the region includes one of the most attractive areas of ​​the Czech mountains, the Krkonose mountains or giant mountains, which are the highest mountains of the Czech Republic.. The region has a total of 448 municipalities. The main center of the region is Hradec Kralove, the second largest city is Trutnov.

The Aquarium Restaurant

Catering Partner

The Aquarium Restaurant is a Mediterranean kitchen and bar concept, offering exquisite gastronomy from Italy, through France … to Spain.

Město Hradec Králové

Host City

Hradec Kralove, natural county metropolis, is located just hundred kilometers east of Prague. One hundred thousand inhabitants live in the fully green town at the confluence of the Rivers Elbe and Orlice. The rich town history goes far to the past. It is based on the first written notice about the town dated in year 1225. In the Middle Ages was Hradec Kralove the dowry town of Czech Queens. Elizabeth Richeza and Elizabeth Pomoranska found their fondness there. The town under the White Tower, one of the most significant prominent of Easter Bohemian metropolis could also boast Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque buildings (G. Santini, C. Lurago). The modern Czech architecture in the spirit of Art Nouveau and Functionalism is the piece of work of worldwide known architects Prof. Jan Kotera and his pupil Prof. Josef Gocar whose remarkable urban development conception is admirable up till today and was inspiration for plenty of architect’s generations. It was the reason why Hradec Kralove is called “Salon of the Republic”. Hradec Kralove is an important traffic junction, headquarter of plenty of authorities, state institutions, banks and important industrial companies. The existence of four universities is bound to the town. They are providing the opportunity for education in range of fields of study to thousands of students every year. The students are variegating the life in the town of lots of cultural projects and activities.

We are also proud members of the following industry associations:


Industry Association

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association is the World’s largest association of pilots in the world, with over 430,000 members in over 66 countries. AOPA UK is a not-for-profit organisation which exists to serve the interests of its members as aircraft owners and pilots, promoting the economy, safety, utility, and popularity of flight in general aviation aircraft.

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